With the 2019 Arnold Classic Australia all wrapped up, the team at Pro Tan are excited to recount the incredible events at this year’s show at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. There were countless highlights for us all, and as official sponsors and suppliers for the show, we had a blast working with some of the hardest-working athletes in the industry today.

Results of the 2019 Arnold Classic Australia

The competition for the 2019 Arnold Classic Australia Men’s Open was electrifying, and the nail-biting wins of the participants were very well deserved. In a very tough decision, the judges awarded William “The Conqueror” Bonac as the winner of the 2019 Arnold Classic Australia. Only a few points behind Bonac was 2017 Arnold Classic champion Cedric McMillan, followed in third place by defending champion Roelly Winklaar.

We had a lot of fun working hard behind the scenes preparing the contenders to look their absolute best for competition, and we believe our hard work really showed, regardless of whether the competitors were amateur or pro.

Pro Tan and SteelFit at the 2019 Arnold Classic Australia

Our extensive range of Pro Tan tanning products were wildly popular over the course of the show, with long-time fans and some new curious faces stopping by our booth for a chat. During the 2019 Arnold Classic Australia we were also proud to showcase the ground-breaking range of products of out sister company, SteelFit.

The team at SteelFit have endeavoured to develop physician formulated products that contain clinical doses of the most cutting-edge and research-validated ingredients on the market today. Complementing the range from Pro Tan, SteelFit is designed to help users reach their maximum potential as body builders.

The Stimulating Fasted Cardio Stack from SteelFit®

Coinciding with our joint appearance at the 2019 Arnold Classic Australia, SteelFit are proud to announce a new product to help take your cardio to the next level. The Fasted Cardio Stack combines Abs of Steel Maximum Definition Cream and Steel Sweat Metabolic Catalyst to support fat oxidation while simultaneously increasing thermogenesis and perspiration.

To launch this exciting new product, check out our opening offer of the Fasted Cardio Stack which includes with a FREE Waist Trimmer. With no postage costs for orders over $99, this is a deal that fitness devotees can’t afford to miss.

Like to Learn More About Steelfit Or Pro Tan Products?

To find out more about the Fasted Cardio Stack, or any other products from Steel Fit or Pro Tan, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with our friendly team and we can tell you more about how Steel Fit develop our products, including our in-house quality control team and our stringent measures for safety, quality and efficacy.

It is with great excitement that the team at Pro Tan Australia welcome another year of the Arnold Sports Festival. Showcasing again at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, there is much buzz and anticipation for the announcement of this year’s Arnold Classic Pro Show victor.

As an official sponsor and supplier to the Arnold Sports Festival, Pro Tan Australia are working hard behind the scenes to prepare for the esteemed contenders – whether new or old, amateur or pro.

The Arnold Sports Festival: Bodybuilding Royalty

Established in 1989 in Ohio, the Arnold Sports Festival – named after the legend himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger – has cemented itself as one of the most esteemed regular sporting events on the planet.

The Arnold Sports Festival is currently the only Pro League Professional Bodybuilding event in Australia, with the Arnold Classic Pro Show (formerly known as the Australian Pro Grand Prix) being the third-longest running Pro Show in the world.

Being the only Pro League Professional Bodybuilding event in Australia, the Arnold Sports festival gives attendees the unique opportunity to witness some of the best bodybuilders in the world compete, many of whom use Pro Tan as their preferred tanning product.  

Showcasing the Best Bodybuilding Talent in Australia

The Arnold Amateur Australia, open to Australian and International competitors, is the biggest amateur bodybuilding event in Australia. To ensure competitors look just as good as the pro bodybuilders we supply, Pro Tan Australia offer tanning packages that allow amateur contenders look their best for the show.

Packages offer either a full service (including all base coats, top coat and touch ups) or a convenient back stage service (including topcoat and touch ups). Find out why our tanning products are the number one selling competition range in the world!

Flexing of the Mind and Body

Over its thirty years the event has grown to include a wide range of sports alongside traditional bodybuilding and strongman competitions to set it apart from similar events.

For those that might be on the fence about attending, the Arnold Sports Festival just doesn’t include feats of strength and sporting events – it also focuses on incredible feats of the mind. The Mind Sports featured at the Arnold Sports Festival include chess, speed cubing, cup stacking and a variety of Esports.

Catch Pro Tan at the Arnold Sports Festival

Pro Tan are proudly a sponsor and the official supplier of tanning products to the world class bodybuilders competing in the Arnold Sports Festival. In addition to seeing our products on the world-class athletes competing in the Arnold Sports Festival, you can catch us on the floor for a chat or to buy some of our quality tanning products.

The Arnold Sports Festival Expo opens on March 15th and runs until the 17th, with doors being open between 10am and 6pm.