Pro Tan Overnight Competition Color Gallon



Our world famous Pro Tan® Competition Color is now available in gallon sizes. This product is perfect for airbrush tanning.


The Ultimate self-tanning formula allows you to achieve a deep dark, long lasting tan after just one easy application. Best of all, your tan won’t run or streak and fades just like a natural tan after 5-7 days. This unique formula will not interfere with natural or sun bed tanning and does not contain a sun screen. This product has been trusted by fitness athletes all over the world for 28 years.

Pro Tan® Competition Color is fully compatible with almost all airbrush guns and sprayers. Goes on easy and looks amazing.


Apply to clean skin. Spray directly onto applicator, brush over desired body areas with lighter strokes around, knees, elbows, ankles and hairline. You will get an instant tan, which will serve as a guide for even application and will darken considerably within 3-5 hours. Allow 30 minutes to dry before direct contact with clothes or water. You may use up to three coats in 24hrs before showering off the excess color allowing the natural tan to show through.

Prior to application make sure you use our Get Buffed® Pre-Tan exfoliator.

Note: If this product is used for airbrushing please make sure product is applied in a well ventilated area. Airbrush technicians should use this product the same way as they would any self tanning spray and follow all normal precautions.

Helpful Tips

  • Prior to application use Get Buffed®® Pre-Tan exfoliator
  • The instant color in this product is designed to work as a guide coat
  • We recommend applying no more then three coats without rinsing
  • Tan will darken with each application

 Product Highlights

  • Darkest tan Available
  • Used since 1987
  • Won’t run, streak, or wipe away
  • Looks natural
  • Tan lasts several days
  • Recommended by bodybuilders and fitness athletes all over the world
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