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I prefer Pro Tan® over any other spray tan organization and I am thrilled to represent the company that I have the most confidence in. Pro Tan® keeps my skin dark and even and best reveals my definition on stage. I also love the way it stays on and remains consistent from the morning prejudging to the evening finals. Using Pro Tan® for my competitions makes things that much easier and stress free knowing that I won't need to worry about how my skin will look.

Dr. Brian Epstein

IFBB Men’s Physique
I enjoy using Pro Tan®, first and foremost for the service! Having Carla and the other Pro Tan® reps at shows really eases my mind knowing that my tan will be 120% perfect. Competing in IFBB Pro Bikini, presentation and package is very important! Pro Tan® highlights my skin like no other tanning product, and looks great on stage. Also, I find that my skin reacts to it better especially when trying to remove it post-show/events. It is my tan product of choice.

Rachelle Dejean

IFBB Bikini
Since day one I started competing I have used Pro Tan®. It was the first and only brand I even knew of when it came to competition prep. I don’t change things that work and believe me Pro Tan® has worked for me every time I have stepped on stage. If you’re looking for a product that applies easily, will have your color flawless, and will highlights all of your hard work and conditioning then Pro Tan®is definitely for you!

Rodney Razor

IFBB Men’s Physique
I will never use anything else but Pro Tan® ultra dark instant competition color! It’s amazing for on and off stage. The way it accentuates my muscles and makes me look defined is unlike any other tanner. I love everything about this product!

Jessica Renee

IFBB Bikini
Thanks Pro Tan® for having the best color in the industry!

Branch Warren

IFBB Body Builder
Pro Tan® always keeps me looking my best on stage and off. It’s the easiest competition tanning product I’ve ever used and the results are always flawless.

Stephanie Mahoe

IFBB Bikini
Whether I’m hitting the stage, the beach, or just need a gorgeous glow for every day, Pro Tan® is the brand that I trust! The color is flawless and the service is exceptional! Pro Tan® gives me the confidence I need no matter what the occasion!

Caryn Paolini

IFBB Bikini
Pro Tan® being the number one tanning product in the industry is the only company I will trust to complete my stage appearance! Dexter Jackson being my coach and also a Pro Tan® sponsored athlete only chooses the best of the best , so we stay loyal to our “Tan Fam”!

Taylor Jade-Carroll

IFBB Bikini
I am a SUPER BIG user and fan of Pro Tan®. Pro Tan® has been part of my pro-bound bodybuilding journey for close to ten years. I am a very big-tall guy and Pro Tan® gives me a full color balance, shine and spotlight when I am on the big stage and before the camera!

Stephen Frazier

IFBB Body Builder
When overall appearance is ideal, competing and photo shoots, I will always chose Pro Tan® for my skin and tan prep. I look healthier and feel better knowing I have the best tan on stage possible!

Jason Poston

IFBB Men’s Physique
I have used Pro Tan®, every show since 2003, I love it. It is hands down the best, darkest, and natural looking tan on the market.

Guy Cisternino Jr.

IFBB Body Builder
Pro Tan® is by far my most favorite tanning product. It provides a rich, dark and most importantly even color every time.

Fiona Harris

IFBB Fitness

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